On The Way Back…

Taken after class, around 6.50pm.

My humble 2-megapixel camera phone continues to amaze me.

With a bit of help from Photoshop, of course.  😉

4 Responses to On The Way Back…

  1. thatgirloverthere says:

    Sony Ericsson makes the best 2mp camera phones ever~~

  2. vern's mommy says:

    You make that “humble” 2-megapixel Sony Ericsson phone real proud. If I were Sony’s people, I will buy that pic from you (heh heh sorry but I am prejudiced). Also, Martin Luther’s quote seems to blend so well into that pic.

  3. Kenny Mah says:


    A perfect quote for the perfect picture. Life is nothing if not for HOPE.


  4. Mildred, yes!! SE fans unite!! 😀

    Mom, actually I should have put it in another way. My phone didn’t amaze me as much as God’s beautiful wonders do. 🙂

    Kenny, *hugs back* Yup. That’s all we need.

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