…the sun has been posing for me.

Snapped this on the way back from dinner, upon entrance of campus.

After a long day, such view kinda gives me a sense of comfort;

the hidden perfection and beauty that glows every now and then.

Tell me when you’re bored of ‘sunny photos’.

Well, it’s not like I care, anyway. Haha.

4 Responses to Lately…

  1. jane says:

    when the sky slowly turns dark, sometimes it makes me sad!

  2. Christon says:

    Looks real nice on your laptop as your wallpaper..

  3. Kenny Mah says:

    No, not bored at all. Sunny is good. 😀

  4. Judy says:

    A sense of serenity. It gives me a feeling of this is what it will be like when I get to Heaven and there is God with His bright light waiting for me.

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