The Sun’s Been Hiding

And the angels have been crying, with tears boasting of God’s wonderful work.

Boasting of perfection.

I love rain.

It’s like bath time for Mother Earth.
Just washing away all sorts of dirt and carbon monoxide.

I can only imagine how it was like when He was on that cross.

When He was washing away our sins.

Perfection, that’s what it is.

4 Responses to The Sun’s Been Hiding

  1. ilene says:

    I want the sun!! My clothes can’t dry and they don’t smell fresh without the sun blazing down on them! hehehehe

    It’s raining cats and dogs here in the Klang Valley too! Graveyard very muddy to walk on when performing our ‘cheng beng’!

  2. vern's mommy says:

    Do you remember when you were small and you asked me “Why does it rain, mommy?”? And do you remember what I told you?

    Seems just like yesterday when you were so small and so full of questions….. and I could just bluff you all the way!

  3. Kenny Mah says:

    It’s so cute that your mom comments on your blog. Hi there, Vern’s Mommy! 😀

  4. vern's mommy says:

    Hi there Kenny! You mean “so cute” or “so weird”? Ha! Ha! Not many children will let their parents know about their blog what more to comment, right? But then again, Vern is a very special person with a very unique character and this blog was actually started for me when she left home to start uni life. God Bless her little heart!

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