Rested, Yet Restless.

Her name is Tina.

“So, who are your youngest clients?” I asked, trying to strike up a conversation to ease the awkward moment.

“I’ve had clients who are around 17 years old who come.  The youngest so far is a 16-year old.”

And I thought I was waaay too young to be doing this.  The palms of her hands were really smooth, probably a result of years of experience.  Next thing I knew, she was pressing my forehead down, as though trying to sink my head into the pillow.  She turned on some electrical thing, with a faint buzzing sound, but I couldn’t see because it was dark and yes, my eyes were shut tight.  I could only pray it doesn’t do any damage.

Then, I felt a bright light hovering over me and when I opened my eyes to take a peek, I thought I was blinded.  I wonder if that’s how seeing God is like.  Tina started pressing really hard on my nose, squeezing it as if it was some kind of Play-Doh, before proceeding to the bottom of my chin and random areas of my face.

“You don’t sound like you’re local,” she asked after a long breach of silence, as my nose silently pleaded for mercy.  Turning off the light, she continued, “When you spoke English with your mom you had a very nice accent, not the fake types, but the genuine kind – like you’ve lived in overseas before.”

Thinking how to answer all that in Hokkien (our conversations are in Hokkien, by the way), I replied under the pressure of her fingertips, “That’s how I speak normally, I don’t know where that accent came from.  It’s been there since I was young.  People call me a banana because I’m poor in Chinese.”

“Oh?  So you’re pure Chinese?  Your mom and dad are locals?  I see!  And you don’t look Malaysian, more Eurasian.  And you definitely don’t look 20, I thought you were waiting for your SPM results!”

It was hard for me to smile so I just let out a chuckle.  Next she put a cloth over my face and started applying some kind of goo.  She muttered something like “mask” and so I laid still.  Mom came in not long after and they both started talking as if I wasn’t there.  You know, those “About my daughter” talks.

She started applying some massage oil on me and …


Holy crap!!  Was that my finger???  My left thumb laid there lifeless as my other fingers went through the torment.  I could not frown nor open my mouth to say a thing because there’s a frigging cloth and mask over my face!!!  I felt like a tortured paralyzed person while my right arm awaited in fear.


My hands went numb.  And for awhile I doubted if they were still attached to me.

She proceeded to my shoulders and commented, “My my, you’re so tensed!  So stressed!  You need to loosen up!”

Yeah do the same thing to my shoulders as you did to my fingers and I’ll so loosen up.  Detached too.

Once the mask was taken off and my face was slathered with a few more layers of something-that-I-don’t-know, I was ready to go.  Strangely, despite thinking I was going to be killed right there and then, I felt good.  Like you know, more loosened up.

Thanked Tina, made payment, and left.

And that, was Kooky’s first facial treatment.  Wow.