The Student has a lifelong task.  Be it dissecting and solving engineering problems, tedious computer codes, to simple chores, the Student has to be ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work.  It is more than just feeding the brain, it is also about picking up the pieces and putting them back together – even if it means finding the missing ones.  Work is never-ending, and the Student has to find Time for aid.  And Time is attention-seeking, if left neglected, it is very unforgiving.  Time has no qualms to leave one behind to find someone more worthy of its majestic value.

Tick. Tock.  That’s how Time walks.  There is no such thing as walking behind, or running ahead.  The Student has to be careful of her steps, so that she can walk beside Time, because Time is the appointed storyteller of the Future.


The Dauber paints crude and amateurish pictures.   She pleases nobody, and using the tip of the Paintbrush puts her own thoughts onto paper carefully, with the right Colours – well, at least according to her.  If Time is the storyteller of the Future, then the Dauber is the narrator of Imagination.  Imagination, as its name defines, is abstract.  It is hard to grasp hold of Imagination, for it only visits when it wants to.  The arch enemy of Reality, Imagination is kind and gentle and will only push boundaries if allowed.

The Dauber has to be aware that Imagination can be rather cheeky at times, it teases Thoughts and challenges it to a game of hide-and-seek, inviting Confusion.  Reality, though harsh and sometimes cruel, stops the game and reminds the Dauber of its existence.  Reality is like that.


The Child believes in the Maker.  The Child is constantly holding on to Faith and Hope, the secret remedies to soften the heart of Reality.  The Maker creates all, knows all, and most importantly, loves all.  The Child puts her Worries and Problems into the Maker’s hands, and is learning to take Joy in all that is provided.

The Child is curious. Sometimes, the Child would lie underneath the blanket of stars and wonder about the Universe.  Unlike the Student, the Child believes that just because one understands the mechanics of how something work, that doesn’ t make it any less of a miracle, in other words, magic.  The Child believes for she has seen the work of the Maker.


The Photographer provides the illusion of stopping Time.  She persuades Reality to open its door to Imagination through stills.  The Photographer loves Mother Nature, faces and huge smiles that make the eyes squint.  A person of few words, the Photographer prefers to stay behind the camera and do her own thing.

Click.  One more Moment captured.


The Writer is loud on paper.  She is particularly fond of Thoughts, and they often dance together to good Music.  Sometimes she leaves Words on paper, and sometimes she transforms them into keys and notes, often portrayed by the guitar and the piano.  And most of the time, the Writer writes all she pleases on this wonderful thing called the internet and pretends that the world is reading.

The Writer is ambitious.  She wants Words to be turned into a book.  But to accomplish that, she pleads for the mercy of Time, and is trying hard to befriend Imagination.


The Traveler is keen and young, for she keeps the Child within and explore the works of the Maker.  She knows she is naive and foolish, for the Student has not learned enough.  The Traveler is eager to see the Colours that the Painter can use, even if it means rebelling against Time so that the Photographer could capture an image.  And then, she lets the Writer put the sounds, sight, smell, and feelings onto paper.

If Time is the storyteller of the Future, and the Dauber the narrator of Imagination, then the Traveler is the actor of the infamous play called Life.


We all have dimensions.  You and I.

We’re wonderfully complex.