Old News, New News, Some News.

Someone I barely keep in touch with dropped me a note on Facebook.  The last time I saw that person, she was still in her dark blue pinafore, but as I browsed through her photos – things have sure changed.  And boy, she sure has grown taller and I, older.

Anyway, it was more of a link, and less of a note.  It was an old piece of news, almost 4 years old now – but I swear I never knew of its existence.  Along with the link was a short message saying, “It’s been so long.  But some news remain as the headlines of some hearts.  Just thought you’d like to be reminded of this.  We’re all winners, no? 🙂 ”


I was actually talked about in a self-made primary school newspaper.  I really don’t mean to brag, but being on that stage that day was one of the best moments in my life.  It wasn’t because of the golden trophy that I took home (okay, maybe it was a little) but mainly because it was the very day that I found my voice.  It was the day that I put aside my flash cards, cleared my throat and spoke from within.

It was the day I understood what heart means.

And most importantly, I finally grasped the definition of winning.  It isn’t about glory and fame.  It’s about trying despite risking looking like an idiot.  You’re not an idiot once you’ve given your best shot, because idiots aren’t smart enough to understand what “try” means.

You’re a winner.  You who manage to drag yourself off your bed every morning, who finish your homework on time (last-minute counts!), who looks after your family, who’s standing strong despite all kinds of rubbish that life has thrown to you.  You don’t need a trophy to tell you how great you are.  Just the sparkle in the eyes and the smiles on the faces of the people you love is enough to give away the hint.

Yup, it’s old news.  But it’s new to me.  And it feels good to know that 4 years ago, a 3-minute impromptu speech by a really nervous 16 year-old teenager actually made sense.

8 Responses to Old News, New News, Some News.

  1. Ju ann says:

    Awww how nice! 🙂

  2. vern's mommy says:

    Yeah, I remembered that day real well – most of the parents and teachers were teary-eyed at the end of your 3-minute impromptu speech followed by a silence and then the applause. I remembered many people came to congratulate me even before the results were out, as though I was the winner. I remembered Puan Jothi holding my hands as you spoke. I remembered how proud I was of you and still am being proud of you cos till today you live that speech – the speech that you spoke from the heart …

  3. kookymonsta says:

    Ju Ann, 🙂

    Mom, erm.. this wasn’t about the state finals, it was the nationals in Kuching, the one I went with Pn Gan. 🙂

  4. Ko says:

    why did you always post at the perfect timing?

    just the right timing…had DiGi’s presentation today…

    oh well…i surrendered to Him…and spoke right from the heart..just like how you put it, no flash cards, clear that throat and spoke / present from within…

    I surrender now…Yes or No, the answer – I definitely enjoyed this ride and believe this experience will bring us far…

    going back Penang tomorrow – want to come? call me.

  5. vern's mommy says:

    Oh, you mean you did the same thing to the audience during the National Level? Ha! Ha! Means that you really always spoke from the heart. Good! Now even more proud of you. Ha! Ha!

  6. Edgar says:

    At the age of sixteen, you’ve probably made a better definition of “winner” than some other grown-ups. The fact is, I like your version 🙂

    Indeed, we are all winners

  7. cleffairy says:

    Whoa… din know you were involve in such competition too, Vern. *sigh* The good old says are gone for me… now want to lawan cakap boss oso dun dare, scared get fired. LMAO…

  8. Hazel says:

    Oh man! This brings back memories la seriously…. I miss it!

    just the other day I was thinking abt the competition and everyone!

    Any idea where donovan, angela and the others are?

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