Hello World.


Every morning, do you decide which side of the bed you’d want to wake up from?  Would it be the one that contains the remnants of yesterday, the one you sighed about before you go to sleep at night, or would it be that unknown side that requires the courageous part of you?

As a student (and a very,very young adult), there are days when I want to stay right in bed and sleep the day away.  The thought of early morning classes, rushing deadlines, and all the quirks life never cease to surprise usually convince me that it’s safer under the blanket.  It’s usually about continuing where I have left off the day before – the mistakes I’ve made, unfinished homework, and the little bit of good left that I want to preserve as long as I can, you know, the happy things.

Not all days are like that.  You know those times when you’ve dreamed of very exciting things the night before just to wake up forgetting every single detail even though your heart was beating fast and you’re all hyped up for a reason you totally cannot remember?   Some days are like that.  When matters that have happened yesterday are left nothing but a blur.   Good things or bad things the same.  Feeling a bit empty yet motivated at the same time, I look forward to the next 24 hours with no expectations.  I finish one task after another with no complaints, and try to slot in something exciting and fun in between whenever possible.

I’ve been trying to practice a little something a friend recommended me to do.  Before bedtime, I think of a list of things to be grateful for the day.  From small things like a good lunch to big things like great weather and friends, this little habit eventually leads me to look forward to all the good things everyday – to a point where I’m able to see past the unfortunate events and unravel the blessings in disguise.

Of course, it’s easier said than done.  It’s only human to feel, sad or happy.  Sometimes life throws its smelliest crap at us and we’re all afraid to face the day again.  There are days when we feel defeated, weak, and it seems almost impossible for us to get that one win we are desperate for.  And mind you, negative vibes are as contagious as positive, cheery ones.  But that’s nothing to feel guilty about.  It’s just like flu, but only those who aren’t afraid of your germs, and know that they’re strong enough for you will stick around to make sure you’re okay.

We have to remember though, flu goes away eventually. That’s when we clear the mucus infected tissues, hankies, change a new spread, throw the blanket into the washing machine, smile to ourselves and say, “It’s going to be a good day.”

I have a test tomorrow, and for the few weeks to come leading to my exam finals. Projects have just come in, more assignments, and like what my friends would say, it’s that time of the semester again. And then, the holidays. The difference between today and my holidays are just the things I have to and want to do. Still 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unpredictable weather (literally and figuratively speaking) and a new multiple choice evaluation sheet on the same question, “Is this a good day?”

Everyday, my friend, is a choice for the brave.

Have a great week ahead.  It’s possible.

6 Responses to Hello World.

  1. azhan says:

    i wake up every day hoping to sleep in again and again. i get pissed sometimes if the day turns out bad, but i believe I thank God that i’m alive and protected one way or another.

    happy easter =)

  2. ilene ong says:

    I know that feeling. It’s EXAM TIME! Hang in there Vern and look forward to the breaks that you’re going to have thereafter.

    You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying over the future.

    “Remember, today is the best day of your life because yesterday was and tomorrow may only be.”

  3. Javier says:

    (Little Javier chanting)

    “Phil 3:13-14! Phil 3:13-14! Phil 3:13-14!”

    Thank God for Paul.

  4. Maya says:

    No one wakes up chirpy and cheerful – we’d all be loonies if we did. But that’s what makes happiness so powerful; a contrast makes happiness glitter in its simplicity (in literature, we’d call it ‘foregrounding’ haha). If we didn’t have rain, we would not appreciate the sun. If there’s no grouchiness, we wouldn’t enjoy our little joys. The little book of grateful thoughts and meaningful things makes insightful reads on a day when we feel most blah. It’s a gentle, soothing reminder. Peace and love from Penang.

  5. kookymonsta says:

    Muffin, haha, that’s what the ‘Snooze’ button is for. Yeah, it kinda always works out at the end right? Because God’s in-charge. 😉

    Ilene, ooooh! I like that quote! Going to scribble that down now. Tomorrow has tomorrow’s own worries right? 🙂

    Jave, Amen! Btw, I left my double-edged sword in church… 😦

    Maya, lol, I don’t know why but Lillian Too’s (that Feng Shui lady) quote “If there’s bad then only there’s good!” is ringing in my head now……………. LOL. Yeah, thanks for sharing that little exercise with me – it subconsciously helps me to look forward and pick the little good things that have happened in a day. I had a killer test yesterday, but I was grateful the paper was not entirely impossible – and had a good steamboat buffet with my coursemates to ‘drown’ our sorrows too! 😀

  6. _butt says:

    all the best for your exam 🙂

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