Icy Irony

We come across ironic conversations all the time, but hardly remember them as soon as they’ve been said and laughed about.  Anyway, I happen to remember one that happened just few minutes ago during dinner – I have nothing against the person who said it, but it’s just such a rare moment where I actually remember the lines.

Just a brief description of the scenario, 8 of us at a cheap-but-awesome Chinese makan place.  And for some reason we were talking about ice cream. (note: This conversation took place in both Mandarin and English…Malaysian style.)

Friend 1: I like Baskin Robbins.

Friend 2: I think Haagen Dazs is better, though.

Me:  I agree, it’s not as sweet and it’s richer.

Friend 1: Yeah but I prefer Baskin Robbins.

Friend 3:  Aiyah, cannot say which is better lah.  Everyone is different.  It depends on the individual.

At this point I was about to agree with him and his un-stereotypical statement until…he continued…

Friend 3:  Old people prefer Haagen Dazs ma…

Me:  Old people?

I wasn’t offended.  Really, I was just confused how my friend could make me change my mind almost instantly. You know, one minute you’re nodding your head and next you go, “Eh?”

Friend 2:  He meant people with more mature taste…

And came the rebuttal.

Friend 3: Ya lah!  Mature means old lah!


Here’s the thing: My little naive brain usually dissects irony on the spot, out loud.

Me:  But maturity has nothing to do with age…

Friend 2:  Aiyah, never mind lah, never mind lah.

And sometimes I forget not everyone can take it because one thing led to another and I think my friend got a bit offended.  To that friend of mine, I really didn’t mean to offend you.  Luckily I managed to smack my ego hard and let him have the last word because I realize nothing good can come out of arguing, especially when people’s minds are adamant on being right most of the time.  Someone’s gotta give in or else it won’t end, or worse things could happen.

Even if it’s just about ice cream.

2 Responses to Icy Irony

  1. mel says:


    I tell you, such a conversation always happen within my group of friends.
    Seriously, like always! and all the time we have somebody to say “okay, enough!” den every1 silent. lol

    Guess thts the consequences of having so many ppl talking in a group with different minds and thoughts. =D

  2. kookymonsta says:

    Yes, and thank goodness we always have that somebody in our group that stops it right? haha! Or we’ll never hear the end of it.

    It’s a love-hate situation really — cause if we all had the same people with same thoughts in a group it’d be really boring anyway. 🙂

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