Feeling the Heat

It’s been sweltering hot lately.

The weather, for one, has been inhumane. I find myself sweating like a pig each time I walk from one place to another, or even just sitting still in my seat, with the windows open. A few of us has been affected by the drowsy spell cast by the humidity in the air. Yes, we have beautiful sunsets, but I prefer the clouds and cool breeze anytime.

Also heating up are our nerves. I think there is something seriously wrong with the way things are run in my course this semester. Because this is actually my last week of school before we enter Study Week, and so far I have completed 2 tests and one project. Guess how many more to go? 2 more tests, 2 more quizzes, 2 more projects. Except for one quiz, everything is due this week.

I have two papers today. Finished one at 8 this morning, and going for another one at 8pm later. When I’ve downed this one, I’m still not halfway there.

Why must they give us our projects and tests so last minute? We’re usually penalized if we submit our work late, can the people in-charge be penalized for handing out our work late too? Sometimes I get the feeling that we’re being stuffed with work so that those people can get their job done and get paid. Yes, I’m ranting. So sue me.

But alas, each time one boggy has been tackled, the feeling of relief is undeniable. We slave ourselves to finish one task, and another and the next. When we look back, we’d actually think, “Wow, did we do all that?”

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  Plus, I’ve been learning to take power naps.  Awesome stuff, I tell you.  Just 20 minutes and I feel refreshed all over.  If this keeps up, I might just adopt the polyphasic aka Uberman sleep that geniuses like Da Vinci practiced and forgo the regular 8-hour regime entirely!

No, I’m just kidding.  No way I’m spending less time with my bed.  But power naps are really good to just zone off and get the mind rested for awhile.

And guess what, this evening the sky has been showing hints of dark clouds and faraway thunder echoing softly with the cool breeze. I can smell rain. It’s coming. 😉

2 Responses to Feeling the Heat

  1. azhan says:

    its been a while and boy the weather really kicks us tight. i’ve been missing my beauty sleep and my hutang tidur meningkat. i think we might have oxygen recession now. lol.

  2. kookymonsta says:

    I hutang tidur for about 3 days..and yesterday.. I terus made payment! Waha!!! Tidur macam babi….. now that I’m up, I think I might have slept a bit too much. LOL.

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