The Kooky Jar has gone back to the basics.

No fancy-wancy designs or theme, but just a basic, stripped-down version of a site.

When I first decided to go a step further with The Kooky Jar and its cause, I was very blessed with generous souls who would go all out to give me a hand.

One of them, is CC, a fellow blogger whom I’ve never personally met, but has been so kind and gracious to me.

A talented designer and photographer, CC kindly web-hosted my site for free, because she believed in my dreams.  When someone whom you barely know would go to such great lengths for you when she could have earned from more worthy clients, it means a whole lot.

And it meant so much to me, that I cannot express the depth of my gratitude in words.

When I needed some changes with the settings, she kindly tweaked and experimented for me, and mind you, I am one fussy pot when it comes to these things.  She never once complained, never once questioned.

Where to find people like that lah???

It’s been so long now, months, that I began to feel guilty.  It’s like staying in someone’s house for a long time with free food, free water and electricity, and not having to pay rent.  I know, it’s like the best deal ever, but my parents have taught me to live within my means.  Big dreams should come with sensibility once in a while.

And so, I decided to return the space to her.  After all, with my 3rd year coming up and internship next year, no one knows how much The Kooky Jar will be able to progress with all this in between.

But I’m keeping my own domain.  http://www.the-kooky-jar.com will remain.  Please take note that http://www.the-kooky-jar.com/blog will no longer redirect to my site.  Just http://www.the-kooky-jar.com.  Nothing more, nothing less.  If you have linked my site with the subdomain address (with /blog), do make the appropriate amendments.

CC, I owe you BIG time.  If you ever need a favor (or many, many favors) from me, just ask.  If it’s within my power, your wish is my command.  God bless you and your big, fluffly generous heart!