Clicking My Heels Three Times


And we’ll ride into the sun together.

My former high school principal once told me that.  We were graduating and she was retiring on the same year, and that was the one sentence she told me during one of our little pep-talks we used to have in her office.

I’ve officially finished my exams – which means it’s the end of the 2nd year of my degree.  Which also means, I’m pretty much halfway there.  It’s like the end of the honeymoon phase, because next year onwards, I’ll be having bigger and tougher projects, and then internship and next thing I know I’ll be finishing my final year.  Everybody says time flies, but suddenly it seems like it’s been boarding a rocket all ready to hit the moon in seconds.

Inclusive of my foundation year here, it has been a total of 3 years since I started a new life here.  I could barely call it life then, I hated this place that much but I’m quite glad I’ve been moved out of my comfort zone.  I’ve learned so much in this deserted place.  My friends and I usually describe our university as one that “sprouts out from nowhere”.

Unlike my seniors who will be graduating this semester, I won’t want to write a long recount of the things that I’ve encountered and learned yet.  But I just want to put this post up to mark the mid-point of everything.  The transition.  The change that awaits.

I probably have too many sunset photos stored in my computer, but I won’t be putting them up as often as I did before now.  Next semester I’ll be changing to a new room, somewhere with less spectacular view, but hopefully better wireless connection.  It’s the same house, just different room, and I might be having a new bunch of housemates since most of them are leaving for internship next semester.

As for the coming holidays, there are already things on my to-do list, but the first thing I want to go home when I reach home is to stay home.  Just be one with my room, bed, TV, everything once again.

One thing for sure, I’d want to spend time writing more.  If there is one thing that still bugs me being in the community here is that I find an exponential deterioration in my proficiency of the language.

It feels weird to go to bed without having to cram some necessary academic information into my head.

Good night.