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The Bored Boring Blogger

I’m stealing some time from work (while waiting for some files to be downloaded, just in case my boss wants an explanation) to write about something that’s been lingering in my mind for the past few days already.  By the way, it’s Day 3 to my new job, it’s been great but I’ll save that for next time.


I’ve been blogging for four damn years.

To some, that’s considered a short period of time – but to me, it’s long enough to observe the gradual change in the things I write and the way I write them.  In other words, in the span of four years my outlook on life has changed and I pay attention to different things now.

I was browsing through my old archives in my older blogs and I must say that I was once more open and would blog about almost anything that came my way.  And then I started making friends on the blogosphere, where some did turn out to be real-time, offline buddies that I’m very grateful for. Blog-hopping and checking for feeds were almost customary every morning.  Exchanging links and comments, as I’ve learned, are basic blog-tiquettes.

Yet somehow, after four years – I’ve forgotten why I started a blog in the first place.  My blog was supposed to be a place where I could write all I want, regardless of what others think, and it should represent my innermost thoughts even if I was going to contradict myself the year after.  It’s supposed to allow change, at my own pace, my own words.

I’m not saying that I haven’t been blogging honestly, I have.  And I love my readers and their inputs.  But these days, I find it difficult to write about things I used to few years ago.  Maybe I’ve grown a bit older, and my thoughts have become deeper and boring.  There’s a funny trend that I’ve observed throughout my blogging years – it’s that if I write deep, thought-provoking, personal, dull stuff – the inputs from readers reduce tremendously, sometimes none at all.  Which is strange because most of the time, those are the topics that open rooms for discussion.

Because of that, I’ve kept those random thoughts to myself more, and began to write about things that would be deemed “alright” for the public.  There are days when I only have a few lines to pen, and I would have dedicated an entry for that but now, I’d think it’s a waste of space and time for my readers.

Remember The Child, The Dauber, The Writer and all the dimensions I once wrote?  Somewhere along the way, The Child has been neglected, and that sometimes mean that The Writer has lost his soul.

And I’m damn bored of writing without soul.

If I lose all my readers one day it’s most likely my own fault.  I’ve probably moved my blogs a tad too often, and I think I owe my readers an explanation.  Truth is, I’m very keen in learning how websites work.  I like meddling with codes just to see something different appear.  Most of the time, moving just means I’ve found a new opportunity to explore the website world a little bit more.  It’s a bit like hitchhiking, where one is never on a permanent spot but is gradually finding solid ground.

Which is why I bought the domain:  http://www.the-kooky-jar.com.  A hitchhiker can be at many places, but has only one name, one identity.  I’ve been told I’d lose readers for shifting, but that’s the least of my concerns.  Blogging isn’t about gaining popularity – at least not for me – it’s mainly a form of sharing.  I’m really thankful for those who have been so kind to update their feeds and links each time I move, and readers who have stuck on – but whatever it is, just remember that I can always be found at “www.the-kooky-jar.com” – nothing more, nothing less.

I think I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a while.  Not quitting, but just a short break – to find the consistency, the purpose, the honesty and The Child.  Perhaps for a better blog to come, who knows?

Til the next chapter,
The Writer