Thank You

When odds are against you, when even you yourself doubt your own sanity – you suddenly realize the people who stand by you, who are there to assure you’re not going to a mental asylum anytime soon.

Family, friends.

Last night I had a great time catching up with some closest friends of mine.

They couldn’t stop coming up with loads of jokes and funny ideas of this new venture of mine.

And when we were serious, they said, “Of course! We totally support you.  If you need help, just call us anytime.”

I was so quiet throughout the entire talk, something unusual for me.  Because at that moment, I was silently thanking God for providing me with such wonderful people.  Sometimes it takes a big step to see the the people who are helping you lift your foot.

To Mom, dad, bro, Jane, Steph, CC, Muna, Natasha, Yu Jean, Michy.

To those of you who are willing to stick around when the time comes.

Thank you.  From the bottom of my jar heart.  I will do my best.

And to the dreamers.

Dreams can come true, if you can live your dream even when you’re awake.

Announcement:  This blog will now go into temporary hiatus.  I will be back with something bigger, I promise.

“I Have A Dream.”

Who wouldn’t remember this infamous phrase by Martin Luther King Jr?

I think it’s unfair that only he got famous because he had a chance to declare that sentence in front of hundreds of media, which then brought an impact to the world.

But thanks to him, that phrase introduced possibility.

I have a dream too.

I mentioned it before, that The Kooky Jar is more than just a blog.

What if I say that, soon, The Kooky Jar will embark on a new phase to explore possibilities, and hopefully touch lives?

Will you think I’m crazy?  Will you laugh at my naivety?  I’m only 19, what can I offer the world?

Maybe I am crazy.  I certainly am inexperienced.

I don’t have much, really, just a dream, and a heart to make it come true.

Is that enough?

I wonder.


Quotes Coldplay:

“When you try your best but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse.”

There’s no right side of the bed this morning.

And So It Begins…

Tomorrow, I shall go to battle.

The war will last for a week before I return home to my loved ones.


Roll Up Those Sleeves Ya’ll

So much work, so little time.  Guess updates won’t be so frequent from now on, it’s the peak of the semester!  Tests, assignments, projects, and the big exams.  Kookymonsta’s gonna go krunch some kookies for the moment, but feel free to leave kooky krumbs behind!  Wish me luck!  🙂

And So Part 2 Begins…sort of.


I came home prematurely because of a stupid lab on Saturday. It was draggy and long. Mom made me a new oh-so-gorgeous quilt blanket, and I’m totally addicted to it. And its smell. The familiar smell of the softener. Mmmm…all over my bed sheet and pillow case…

I miss home. And Starbucks. And mom’s chewy cranberry cookies. Yes mom, I actually like them. Haha!

Ok lah, will get to my books and get busy busy busy! Three tests coming up! Gambatte neh!!!

It’s BACK!

YES! The sucky, pathetic, slug-infested INTERNET is back!!!!!

WOOOTT~!!! *does cartwheels*





I’ll…think of something to write soon. I promise.

But now, I’m happy. 😀