And So It Begins.

I received this SMS this morning from Mildred.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at war.
I pray for a fight that will end in glory.
Blood will be shed, but damn it, we will win this!
Onward, charge!

Yes, my exams begin today.

Tick, Tock, Tock.

Tick, tock, tock,
Goes the funny clock.

There is no twelve, no three,
nor six or nine,
It’s a riddle, a joke,
one that never rhymes.

Tick, tock, tock,
Goes the funny clock.

It moves one step forward,
and back again,
That pointy needle
just loves this game.

Tick, tock, tock,
Goes the funny clock.

Hickory dickory
was just a myth,
It did strike twelve
but the rest it missed.

Tick, tock, tock,
Goes the funny clock.

Time doesn’t fly
it sneaks from behind,
To surprise or scare
in a second you’ll find.

Tick, tock, tock,
Goes the funny clock.

My Sunday Post


I love you.


That Girl Who Talks Too Much


I’m a fan of people with strong personalities.  But I’m not a fan of reality TV shows, because more often than not, as real as they should be, the people aren’t as genuine as we think they are.

I’ve been following the 8th season of American Idol recently, and though I’m still not a fan of that program, I have to admit I have been quite smitten to two of the contestants from that show right from the beginning, and one of them is Allison Iraheta – the 16 year-old (recently turned 17) girl from LA who apparently talks too much.

The other is Adam Lambert, whom I think is brilliant and will win this competition but this post isn’t about him.

If one has been following the series, he or she could tell that not every contestant is consistent every week.  Depending on the given theme, some of them try way too hard to fit in, and getting out of their own skin doesn’t always work.

Allison, too, had that problem sometimes, where she tried a little too much and end up with ridiculous outfits and hairdo’s (remember the episode where the judges were baffled by what she wore as she sang the song by No Doubt?).  But the one thing that we could expect from Allison every single week is this: raw power.

Most of the time, Adam’s performances overshadow hers and leaves a smaller impression in me, but during her last performance this week (she was eliminated from the Final 4), she left me impressed more than ever.

With tears in her eyes, wet cheeks, she sang her heart out in her rendition of “Cry Baby”, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I was moved by her performance.  When she finished, all I could think of was, “Wow.”

Think about it.  The youngest contestant, and yet most of the time she was way ahead of those who are older than her (I still think Kris should be the one leaving).  Unlike Adam and Danny (who, by the way, has been boring my eyeballs out week after week), the only vocal training she ever had was talking too much.  Now that is what I call pure talent.

The main difference between her and another fellow Season 7 really young David Archuleta is that when she sings, I forget that she’s 16.  As for Archie, you could tell he’s a boy who’s always nervous before he steps on stage, most of the time chose sappy ballads and dons the cute, innocent boy look as his most powerful ammo.  Yes he has a voice of an angel, but Allison could belt out the sounds of heaven and hell anytime.  And most of all, you couldn’t tell if she was afraid.

Although she has left the competition, I have a feeling she’d be the next Chris Daughtry or Kelly Clarkson if she plays her cards right.  And even if she doesn’t end up in gracing or rocking in the spotlight on stage – that strong personality she has will take her very far in whatever she does.  Cos we all know that by now, she’s already a million miles ahead of her peers.

Go Allison!!!

The Kooky Jar has gone back to the basics.

No fancy-wancy designs or theme, but just a basic, stripped-down version of a site.

When I first decided to go a step further with The Kooky Jar and its cause, I was very blessed with generous souls who would go all out to give me a hand.

One of them, is CC, a fellow blogger whom I’ve never personally met, but has been so kind and gracious to me.

A talented designer and photographer, CC kindly web-hosted my site for free, because she believed in my dreams.  When someone whom you barely know would go to such great lengths for you when she could have earned from more worthy clients, it means a whole lot.

And it meant so much to me, that I cannot express the depth of my gratitude in words.

When I needed some changes with the settings, she kindly tweaked and experimented for me, and mind you, I am one fussy pot when it comes to these things.  She never once complained, never once questioned.

Where to find people like that lah???

It’s been so long now, months, that I began to feel guilty.  It’s like staying in someone’s house for a long time with free food, free water and electricity, and not having to pay rent.  I know, it’s like the best deal ever, but my parents have taught me to live within my means.  Big dreams should come with sensibility once in a while.

And so, I decided to return the space to her.  After all, with my 3rd year coming up and internship next year, no one knows how much The Kooky Jar will be able to progress with all this in between.

But I’m keeping my own domain. will remain.  Please take note that will no longer redirect to my site.  Just  Nothing more, nothing less.  If you have linked my site with the subdomain address (with /blog), do make the appropriate amendments.

CC, I owe you BIG time.  If you ever need a favor (or many, many favors) from me, just ask.  If it’s within my power, your wish is my command.  God bless you and your big, fluffly generous heart!

Dear Mom,

I’m writing this on a Saturday late early morning, with my teeth unbrushed, breakfast not taken…you can imagine.  It’s a Mother’s Day weekend, and usually, just as what I’ve done annually eversince I’ve been away from home, I would have taken a bus ride home or ask Ko to fetch me so that we could both give you a surprise at the doorstep.

Alas, I’m one week away from my finals, and I still have work to do til next week – I’m sorry I cannot come home to be with you on this special weekend although I do miss you, Dad, my little pillow and my beanbag very much.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently.

I thought of…

…the times you would punish me each time I told a lie, and the scary look you had whenever you saw right through me.

…the times when you would make me memorize the multiplication table and reciting it by heart.

…the times when you would panic at every small issue and how much it irked me.

…the times you would make me go to sleep or threaten me to sleep with Lucky (our dog) outside.

…the times when you would pressure me about my studies and pushing me to do better.

…the times when you would correct my grammatical errors on the spot, even if it means embarrassing me.

…the times when you would enroll me for piano lessons even though I had no interest in classical music.

…the times when you would want me to wear a skirt or a dress and we end up arguing about it.

…the times when you would tell us how to behave in front of others even though we didn’t understand why we should.

…the times you would relentlessly warn me about the religion I’ve chosen, and teaching me how to balance between religion and tradition.

Then I thought deeper.

And it occurred to me that,

…telling a lie became one of the hardest tasks in my life, and telling the truth became much easier.  And I realize it is a skill that many people would love to have, and you gave it to me ever since the day I could speak.

…I did not suffer Math like most my peers did in high school, and have scored up to Dad’s expectations most of the time.

…you only panic at the things that involve your family.  And how fortunate we are to be on the Number One on your list.

…it is because you were so tired from work, and from the multiple bedtime stories sessions that never seem to end.  You would read to me over and over just because I asked you to, and then you will allow me to read it over and over because I want to.  And then sometimes I’d ask you to sing me songs, and wondered why you never chose to become a singer with your heavenly voice.

…you were once a brilliant student.  And you had a chance to further your studies.  But due to family obligations, you had to give it up.  You never wanted the same for your children.

…my proficiency in English has taken me to great heights I never thought I’d be in.  Presentations and public speaking are now a breeze for me, much to the envy of my peers.

…I love music more than any other form of entertainment.  And I can make music with my fingers, and you also supported me when I wanted to learn the guitar.

…you never really made me do it.  Because you understood.

…I never have to worry about carrying myself in public.  There are courses on social etiquette for adults, but they are things I’ve learned since I was five.

…because I could find that balance, I could relate to a lot of people who are in the same situation as me.  People do not regard me as a fanatic, and they are willing to come to me if ever they want to know more.

And I thought even more about…

…the times when you would wake up early in the morning before 6 to prepare breakfast for me and fetch me to school.  And because it was too early for you to go into your office, you sleep in the car until the right time comes.

…the times when you would come home from work all tired, but you continue with your duty as a wife with all the chores and making sure we have our dinner on time.

…the times when you would personally come and fetch me home on Fridays even though you have to rush to your office after that, and buying me good lunch every time.

…the times when you would painstakingly quilt beautiful things for us with your hands and strained eyesight.

…the times that you still want to buy me expensive things even though you are no longer working, and how disappointed you would be whenever I said no.  I just want to let you know that it will be my turn next, to get you the things you want because I love you like that.

There are days when I would be angry at Life.  When things didn’t go my way, or when it throws too much crap at me.  And then I think, what if all I’ve mentioned above did not happen? It would’ve sucked even more.

I guess I just want to say, a big THANK YOU to you, mom.

Because of you, life becomes a little easier to live.

I love you, and Happy Mother’s Day.


Author’s note:  24 hours after this was published, I realized Mother’s Day isn’t til next week.  But that doesn’t change the content anyway.  🙂

Feeling the Heat

It’s been sweltering hot lately.

The weather, for one, has been inhumane. I find myself sweating like a pig each time I walk from one place to another, or even just sitting still in my seat, with the windows open. A few of us has been affected by the drowsy spell cast by the humidity in the air. Yes, we have beautiful sunsets, but I prefer the clouds and cool breeze anytime.

Also heating up are our nerves. I think there is something seriously wrong with the way things are run in my course this semester. Because this is actually my last week of school before we enter Study Week, and so far I have completed 2 tests and one project. Guess how many more to go? 2 more tests, 2 more quizzes, 2 more projects. Except for one quiz, everything is due this week.

I have two papers today. Finished one at 8 this morning, and going for another one at 8pm later. When I’ve downed this one, I’m still not halfway there.

Why must they give us our projects and tests so last minute? We’re usually penalized if we submit our work late, can the people in-charge be penalized for handing out our work late too? Sometimes I get the feeling that we’re being stuffed with work so that those people can get their job done and get paid. Yes, I’m ranting. So sue me.

But alas, each time one boggy has been tackled, the feeling of relief is undeniable. We slave ourselves to finish one task, and another and the next. When we look back, we’d actually think, “Wow, did we do all that?”

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.  Plus, I’ve been learning to take power naps.  Awesome stuff, I tell you.  Just 20 minutes and I feel refreshed all over.  If this keeps up, I might just adopt the polyphasic aka Uberman sleep that geniuses like Da Vinci practiced and forgo the regular 8-hour regime entirely!

No, I’m just kidding.  No way I’m spending less time with my bed.  But power naps are really good to just zone off and get the mind rested for awhile.

And guess what, this evening the sky has been showing hints of dark clouds and faraway thunder echoing softly with the cool breeze. I can smell rain. It’s coming. 😉